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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Writing Habits of the Highly Non-Productive.

(From May 8, 2012)
This was a FB post from today, based on a list-article from writers telling about their quirky writing habits.

“Think about the project for a long time. Procrastinate like an Olympic champ, including finding and installing album cover graphics for all of my iTunes songs, waiting for images and epiphanies to assemble themselves, and posting on Facebook incessantly. Anticipate with grave dread the day I sit down at the computer, realize I can't put it off any longer, say "Fuck it," and start typing.

Then it's off to Gimme! every day, earphones on to deflect "How are ya?/Are ya writing?/What is it?/Is it a new play?/Do you have a part for me?" interruptions. And you can say goodbye to me for the next six months cuz that work is ALL I ever think about.”

Someone *will* do a study attempting to calculate how much creative writing time is lost by writers wasting their time on FB. And they will have a large grant to enable them to do it. And then someone will write a play about that.

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